Cub Scout Training Day

Come join us at Jim Traw Field for a Cub Scout Training Day. Cub Scout pack 217 and their Bear den leader Joe Friday will be meeting at the field to learn about model aviation. Shane Snyder is the Assistant Den Leader and the father of one of the Cubs. We are expecting 5-11 boys and their parents. We call all our trainers to come to the field and lend your time, and maybe a plane, to help inspire the next generation to pursue both model and full scale aviation. While the ages of the boys vary I would suggest we try to keep the planes to simple trainers or something easy to recover that will be fun to fly. Clint and Travis have already committed to being there but the more the merrier

Versa Wing Combat- Go Build One

So these little combat wings have been causing a bit of a stir at our flying field. Myself and a few others have had streamer and full contact combat with these little guys and had a lot of fun. Lately we’ve been playing pass the Transmitter with them and a few of you guys are hooked. I’ve decided these little wings are a bit like a drug, the first one is free, but then you have to buy your own. :-) They’re also equally addictive.

A lot of questions have come up asking where the plans are and where to get the materials so I thought I would throw together a quick article explaining it all. Delta wings have been being made out of foam for quite some time but this wing design is called an FT Versa Wing and was designed by the great guys over at It is super easy to build and from cutting out your template to the trim flight will only cost you an evening. The template and the build video can be found by Clicking Here! There is also a full list of recomended electronics. I will give my recommendations below as well. For instructions on printing out and tiling your plans Click Here!

You can use whatever foam board you want, but I highly recomend Adams Foam Board from any local Dollar Tree or Dollar General. Each sheat is $1 and is what the Flite Test crew always uses. Whatever you do you have to use the white Adams foam board. It comes in a few various colors but the colored paper is too delicate for some reason and just doesn’t build well. While you are at the Dollar store be sure and grab a few packs of their paper streamers, two rolls for $1. For adhesive? Hot glue, it works as a hinge material and all, can’t beat it. Then just use whatever controll horns and pushrods you have laying around and get busy. You’ll also need some packing tape, the reinforced stuff the FliteTest crew recommends isn’t really required for this design.

All of the electronics I am about to recommend are from Hobbyking! Before I am called evil or it is said I do not support American companies, that is simply not true. To buy these components from somewhere like Castle, Hacker, or Great Planes you will be looking at a $150 wing. Ordering from the big orange evil guys you can build this wing for pretty close to $60 minus your receiver. Feel free to order through whatever company you wish, these are just my recomendations. Alright, just wanted to get that out of the way.

The electronics I personally use are as follows.
Turnigy NTM 28-26 1200 KV Outrunner (286W)
Motor Accessory Pack (Required for Motor)
Turnigy Plush 25A ESC
Hextronic 9Gram Servos (Buy Extras, These are combat Wings after all)
8×4.5 Props (you can use the pusher or tractor version, lettering always faces direction of travel. Remember, these are combat, go cheap)
Turnigy Nano Tech 3s 2200Mah Battery

This setup will actually run as is on a 4S setup as well, so yeah, there’s that.

Hopefully this will help a few of you out and I can’t wait to see you all at the field. Please let me know when have completed wings, maybe we can schedule a club combat day. Feel free to email me or comment with any questions.