IMAC judging School

CORCS members, we are putting on an IMAC judging school February 13 and would like to invite anyone who has even the slightest interest to come.

After seeing the possibility of flyable weather. We are now hosting out of our clubhouse at OMAC. Instead of flying the practicals on the sim, we will do them live like they’re meant to be done. 1924 N. Portland Ave Newcastle OK 73065 United States is the physical address. It will begin at 8:00 AM and  should go to around 2:00 pm. The cost which is being waived for first timers is $20, which will include supplies, breakfast, and lunch. Again, if it is your first time, the hosting club OMAC is paying for it.The IMAC site will be updated shortly. is the website where the info is, choose south central region. has the field info.

If you decide to come, PLEASE Email Me  and let me know, even if it’s the night before. I need to know so we can get the supplies and food figured out.

We will have some really great people there and are really helpful with all things IMAC.


Shane Snyder


TJ Alberter

Yesterday at approximately 6:30 PM CORCS Member TJ Alberter passed away due to terminal lung cancer. Some knew TJ to be somewhat of a brash person but anyone that knew him well knew he was a kind caring man that would do anything for anyone. TJ, you will be sorely missed.