August Meeting

Nothing ground breaking this meeting but I’ll update you the best I can. First off a huge thank you to James Quinn who was so kind to donate a boat to the club for our float flys. It’s greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. Speaking of float flys, don’t forget that our next float fly is coming up August 30th.

As far as meeting notes, here’s what we have:

  • Next year during the rainy season, increase mowing from twice a month, to four times a month, focusing on secondary runway and pilot area.
  • Opted not to have a swap meet unless a group of members volunteered to host the event.
  • Jerry Short wanted to remind everyone about the Dawn Patrol in the last weekend of September in Ohio (Thank you Jerry for the correction)
  • A big thank you to Gerry Weltzheimer for spraying our field for weeds and keeping the runway from growing over.
  • A huge good luck to Greg Dial who will be competing in the IMAC Worlds September 2nd-6th.
  • Model of the month this month goes to Justin Greenfield with his P-39 Cobra



The weather for our meeting couldn’t have been better. Sure it was a little windy but welcome to Oklahoma. We got some great glider flying in and Rick Stone even managed to pull off another landing task for his LSF tasks. I pulled out a 8 minute thermal before the meeting but my landings were far and sketchy. Greg got in some freestyle practice and entertained quite the crowd including a few Highway 9 passerbys.

On a side note and an entertaining point, the boat so generously donated by James was ready to be pulled to our fearless leaders (Roberts) house and it was just him James Harwell and myself. Turns out the hitch didn’t quite fit Roberts Truck. James H made a run to the house to grab another ball, but Robert and I had another idea. This was the result:


Until next time, Happy Flying!

July 26th Float Fly


As you can see from the previous picture, this float fly was anything but uneventful. Clint decided he wanted to belly land instead of trying to put her down on the floats. Some how he managed to dodge the hay bales and the utility markers and put her down without a scratch. I commend his piloting skills. And thank you to the gentlemen that took Clint by the shoulder and walked him to the clear landing area. Always look out for your fellow modelers, not only does preventing accidents save us some bruises to our pride, it helps to save the image of our hobby.



corcs-floatfly-7-26-14-25Speaking of accidents, lets get on to some intentional carnage. Combat flying has been something I’ve wanted to try for a long time and I’ve just never had the opportunity. Finally we decided it was time. We spent the last few days throwing together four Flite Test Versa Wings (Click Here to learn more about the design / designer). At the sticks we had Clint, Robert, Jeremy and yours truly. It was a blast even though two of the wings were pretty under-powered. There were plans for streamer combat as well but with the under powered motors a 75′ streamer turned our wings into a RC Kite of fashions. Even without the streamers we managed to make contact a couple of times and all but one of the wings walked away in flyable conditions. Simply can not wait to do this again. Build your own and join us next time.


All in all it was a great time. We had members from other clubs join in in the fun and next time we hope for an even bigger turnout. These float flys seem to grow in popularity every time we host one. Spread the word and make our next event even larger.


We’ll see you soon and until next time, Happy Flying and Smooth Landings!