Fun Fly Canceled…. Maybe?

Earlier we sent out the following cancellation message regarding our September 19th Float Fly:

The Float Fly scheduled for tomorrow is canceled because the fence the Veterans Center was building around the pound is now complete and they did not put a gate in where we asked. After they realize they can’t get a mower over on the west side they will probably have to put a gate in. Sorry for the inconvenience.


If anyone is interested I have started to look for an alternate flying site for our Float Flys until we can find out if we will still be allowed / granted access at the Veterans Center pond.

I reached out to the Lake Thunderbird Park service and I was told that ‘To our knowledge there is currently no reason a group could not fly off of the lake as long as we give right of way to watercraft and individuals that may be in the water.’

There is a very good candidate location on the west side of lake Thunderbird on Alameda and 88th St. It is a large inlet with a boat ramp and a dock but no swimming area. There is also a few hundred feet of bank that slopes into the water for easy launch/retrieval. It honestly looks like it would provide a larger area to fly in then we currently are used to. I will be there around noon hopefully and we can give this new spot a shot. I have attached the link below for anyone interested.


Fun Fly Competition

October 11th starting at 12 noon (October 18th rain date).

Prizes for individual event winners and a special prize for the overall Grand Champion.  Must be a current CORCS member to be eligible to win. We hope to change this in the future, but this is a bit of a test run to work out the kinks and then hopefully we can open it up to all RC Flyers and not just CORCS Members.


  • Timed Flight – Without outside help or a timer on the radio, take off and fly around.  The objective is to touch down in exactly 2 minutes. Going over gets a zero and the one closest to 2 minutes wins. The prop must be turning at touchdown. (Electrics, aircraft intact).


  • Timed Loops - This is great for beginners since it starts when the aircraft is in flight.  The judge calls “start” and the pilot performs as many loops as possible in one minute.  Most loops wins.


  • Triple Loops and Rolls – Take off, do 3 loops and 3 rolls and land.  Best time from takeoff to landing and coming to a stop wins.  Loops and rolls can be in any order.


  • Spot Landing – Paint a line in the center of the runway and then paint two more parallel lines either side of the target line 15 feet apart.  Each pilot gets three attempts to touchdown as close as possible to the middle line.  After three tries and the plane stops, intact, the score is counted.  Touching the middle line is worth 50 points, touching down within the two outer lines is worth 25 points and touching down on the runway is worth 5 points.  Highest score wins. Ties are broken by the shortest times.


  • Bomb Drop – Take off and make a bomb drop over a 50 foot circle divided into 3 bull’s eyes.  The smallest (10 feet diameter) is worth 50 points, the middle (30 feet diameter) is worth 25 points and the outer ring is worth 10 points.  Just hitting the field is worth 5 points.  A spot touchdown in the 10 foot circle doubles the bomb drop score.  The bomb and drop mechanism is pilot’s choice.


  • Limbo – A tow chain, just joking, a tape across the runway will be set at 5 feet and pilots will have two attempts per flight to fly under the line without breaking it or touching the runway.  The line will be lowered a foot at a time until there is one winner.


At least two pilots not currently flying will be timers and judges.  First second and third, in each event, will be awarded 50, 25 and 10 points respectively for the purpose of deciding the Grand Champion. All pilots must pick 1 primary plane to use across all events. This will add to the challenge. Each pilot may also have 1 backup plane as well in case of “Unfortunate Failures”.


Questions or comments to Pete Sinclair. or 405-996-0251.


Hamburgers and drinks will be provided.   This is our first contest in many years, let’s make it a success and have many more.  Be sure to invite friends and family.