CORC’s Monthly Meeting, Jun 14, 2017

CORC’s Monthly Meeting, Jun 14, 2017
• No Minutes from May
• Pete went over budget, good shape
o Dave will take over treasure duties while Pete out of country
• Two new members
o Will – OU Aviation student
o Tony – OU Engineering student
• Old Frequency Board converted to FPV board
o Need magnets for boards
Flight Safety
• Basketball camps at Lloyd Nobel each weekend in June
o Same precautions as BB games if parking lot looks full
• Excellent record on flight safety so far in 2017
o Stay vigilant and observant
Fun Fly
• Spring 40th anniversary Fun Fly set for July 4.
o Brats, Burgers, Drinks from club, Members bring other items potluck style
o City will be putting on fireworks display
o Bring popup tents if you have them
o Bring a night rig if you have one for night flight
Work items
• Spread fertilizer and seed on runway done
• Put up signs done
• Paint Grill area
• Table top maintenance
• Roof coming up – Marc will come out and repair, done
Next meeting July 12, 2017
• Will be held at flying field at 6:30pm
• Show up early and get some flying in

CORC’s Monthly Meeting, Mar 8, 2017

CORC’s Monthly Meeting, Mar 8, 2017
• Minutes – Feb 8 Meeting Minutes, approved
• Review Club Budget –

• Runway crew came and sealed cracks on north end of runway.
• Updates to website
o Kirk working on adding paypal capability to website for online registration.
o Approximately $100 needed for updates to software – APPROVED
Flight Safety
• Very good so far, good job observing Lloyd Nobel activities and staying within field
boundaries. Stay vigilant.
• Boundaries of field – Discussed in previous meeting. Posted on our bulletin board at the
• Daylight savings – March 12, more afternoon flying, observe Lloyd Noble conditions, ROTC, and
other activities for increased safety awareness
Fun Flys
• Spring 40th a24
o Robert O’Conner to assist with coordinating with VA
o Will discuss more at April meeting
Work day
• April 29
• Randy Volunteered to make a template for striping
• More discussion on work items next meeting
Member Suggestions
• Signage
o Signage design completed and submitted by Mr. O’Conner – all APPROVED
o Will proceed with printing. Will be a sticker/decal affixed to one side of a metal

o Will place at each end of field (north/south) in prominent location
• FPV Frequency Board
o Tony Giustozzi – In work, nothing new to report at this time
Special Topic
• Clint Trowe – Did a great job of show and tell mini-class on gas engine powered aircraft
with special emphasis on safety
Next meeting April 12, 2017
• Will be held at flying field at 6:30pm
• Show up early and get some flying in